J.M Page Ltd provide plumbing, heating and ventilation services to Jarvis, and have done so for over a decade.

We have been privileged to have worked for Jarvis Contracting on numerous projects, such as Graham Court & Taylor Point in Watford, Sidney Close in High Wycombe, and Plomley Place in Bushey – all substantial building projects carried out on behalf of associations or local authorities, to provide affordable housing using sustainable and energy efficient fuel sources.

Having worked in both the domestic and commercial markets for over 30 years, we consider Jarvis Contracting to be one of our most highly respected and ethical clients.

Jarvis' communication, professionalism and strong management skills, enable us to programme our works precisely, in order to work to their deadlines; whilst allowing our existing domestic and commercial projects to continue consecutively, upholding our commitment to quality of service in all areas.

Jarvis has proved to be a reliable, financially aware and strong contractor during recent economic upheavals, which has been of paramount importance to us as a subcontractor. We are sure this has also enabled them to maintain budgets for their clients, whilst supporting our company's need for prompt, fair and regular remuneration for works.

We feel our approach to health & safety at work and customer care is perfectly aligned with that of Jarvis, and look forward to having the opportunity to continue working with them on many more projects in the future.

We can highly recommend Jarvis Contracting: a contractor of the highest quality.