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Let's Talk.

July marks Talk To Us Month, the annual campaign by the Samaritans and the Lighthouse Club to raise awareness of the importance of talking about wellbeing with friends, colleagues and professionals to prevent situations from spiralling.

Talking about our feelings is much easier said than done. It can make us feel vulnerable and it’s not always easy to describe how we're feeling, but it's important to remember that talking about your feelings is not a sign of weakness, it’s part of taking charge of your wellbeing and doing what you can to stay healthy.

The stigma surrounding mental health is changing, the recent ‘Mind Matters’ survey by Construction News showed that 53% of survey respondents said that they felt comfortable talking about their mental health with colleagues, compared to 33% in 2019.

So, how can talking help?

  • it can release built-up tension and stress
  • discussing how you feel with somebody who’s able to validate your feelings — whether they have personally experienced the same issues or not — will make you feel heard
  • it can lead to new solutions you may not have thought of

We're proud partners of the Lighthouse Club's 'Help Inside the Hardhat' Campaign, our Wellbeing Champions, whose details are displayed within our site compound, are all trained Mental Health First Aiders and are available to anybody working on our sites to talk to.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to family, friends or colleagues there are other free channels you can contact:

Lighthouse Club - https://www.constructionindustryhelpline.com/application.html

Samaritans - https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/contact-samaritan/talk-us-phone/

We never know who might be struggling so don't forget to check up on your friends, family and colleagues to see how they are coping.