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Inspiring Women in Construction & Engineering Pledge

We are committed to taking positive steps to ensure that all our dealings with people are fair and equitable, and that equality of opportunity becomes an integral feature of all our activities.

Over 20% of our workforce is female, compared to only 12% within the industry. To take the next step in continuing to make Jarvis an organisation that truly values and promotes equality, we have signed the Inspiring Women in Construction & Engineering Pledge hosted by Construction News and New Civil Engineer.

By signing this pledge, we will strive to:

  • Attract, develop, and promote more women in our company and industry, and do this in a fair way;
  • Close our Gender Pay Gap;
  • Champion and recognise the achievements of women;
  • Work collaboratively to create an environment that welcomes and helps retain women.

Mark Doyle, CEO of Jarvis Contracting, said the following: “We know we can always do more to foster and promote an inclusive culture, but we are proud of the diverse workforce we have at Jarvis, and encourage our construction partners to play their part in creating a more a diverse industry.

As part of our internal Wellbeing committee, we have Equality Diversity & Inclusion Champions who look at initiatives for us to be a more inclusive organisation, and signing this pledge shows our commitment across the Group to supporting them.”

Our Pledge:

Attract, develop, and promote women

  • Recognise the diverse perspectives and skills that women bring to our workforce,
  • Ensure our HR policies actively promote gender equality,
  • Make unconscious bias training mandatory for those involved in recruitment, project team selection and promotions,
  • Use language in our recruitment adverts and job descriptions that does not alienate or exclude women,
  • Devise and implement development programmes for female employees that support meaningful career progression, such as mentoring or advice at specific career milestones, and
  • Take steps to close the gender pay gap.

Champion and recognise the achievements of women

  • Actively promote the success of our female employees, as well as women in our client and partner organisations, and share stories of female success to audiences both within and beyond our industry,
  • Include positive female role models in our marketing, advertising and PR campaigns that inspire more women to choose construction as a career, and
  • Ensure our outreach programmes with schools and colleges, as well as our broader CSR programmes, target female students and young women.

Work collaboratively to create an environment that welcomes and helps retain women

  • Create programmes and policies that promote gender equality,
  • Work towards more balanced female representation at both management and board level,
  • Ensure there are appropriate female facilities in our offices and construction sites, and that women are afforded period dignity,
  • Have a zero-tolerance approach towards negative and demeaning behaviours towards women, both in physical and online environments,
  • Educate employees and have a zero-tolerance approach to “banter” in the workplace that undermines, belittles and excludes women,
  • Establish a process for reporting inappropriate behaviours that encourages employees to ‘call out’ unacceptable behaviour in an appropriate way,
  • Review roles and working practices to maximise flexibility for female employees, in terms of hours, location and other relevant factors, and
  • Take opportunities to collaborate with clients, supply chain partners and industry to promote and support gender diversity.