Jarvis Contracting

Through the Jarvis Charitable Trust, we’re pleased to announce a three-year commitment to support Herts Young Homeless (hyh), an independent charity supporting vulnerable people in Hertfordshire. This will provide financial support to the charity, and also opportunities of work experience and career development where appropriate.

Homelessness can be defined as being without permanent, stable or suitable accommodation. Besides rough sleepers, this includes those who are ‘sofa surfing’ with friends and extended family or living in hostels. Homelessness can lead to, and indeed result from, issues of drug and alcohol dependency and poor mental health. Their experts in these areas work with people of all ages to support them in overcoming these challenges.

Helen Elliot, Chief Executive of Herts Young Homeless said: “We are incredibly grateful to receive such wonderful support from Jarvis and The Jarvis Charitable Trust which will enable us to continue our mission in preventing youth homelessness in Hertfordshire through our various services. This support will make a real difference to the lives of young people in our community as we work with them to build new futures. Thank you to everyone at Jarvis and we look forward to working together with you going forward”.

The Jarvis (Harpenden) Charitable Trust)
The Jarvis (Harpenden) Charitable Trust was established in August 1983.  Its objective is to provide financial assistance to a wide field of charitable applicants primarily from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London. The Trust Deed stipulates that capital and income can only be paid to charities or applied for charitable purposes and a charitable registered number or give written assurances that they are regarded as charitable.

Further details about the Trust can be found here - http://www.jarvisgroup.co.uk/community/